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Premier Padel Courts

Multisports International is a leading company in Padel Courts Distribution for the balkans. With it's main market in Bulgaria, we distribute all over the world from the factory to the client. 

Why choose 
Premier Padel Courts

Details Posts Gold.jpg

The enclosure of the court is formed by self-supporting structure with structural tube, closed and anchored with two lower and upper perimeter rings, made of structural sheet metal in 5mm.

‍Galvanized steel painted with electrostatic pain powder. Electro welded galvanized mesh 50x50x4mm with delivery without projections.

Frames formed with 2mm thick structural tube according to specifications, 3 horizontal 40x5mm plate crossbars.

Posts Detail Base Red.jpg

The client can choose two colors for the courts.

Personalize Brand Posts.jpg

All the courts can be personalized by the client with the name or logo of the club. 

Full Panoramic Back_edited.jpg

Certified 12mm tempered glass for the panoramic backgrounds and for the sides. In the case of the side windows, this court can mount 2 large 2x3m windows, the same size as the bottoms or the traditional system. All of them installed on 5mm neoprene to reduce vibrations and breaks. The manufacturing process of all this tempered glass is manufactured using a standardized production process and in compliance with the UNE EN 12150-1 standard.



Supercourt® XN  is a cutting-edge artificial turf system composed of texturized STX monofilaments with a central spine and texturized XNOVA monofilaments, with a parallelogram-shaped structure and concave sides that form 4 grooves and 4 asymmetrical ribs, and silica sand infill.



12 X Led lights of 150 W. 450 W per pole. We comply with the UNE EN 12193 standard "Lighting for sports facilities".

The advantages of LED projectors for Padel courts:

  • Instant on, so you can make the most of the player's time on the court, as opposed to traditional halide spotlights that take time to to reach their maximum luminosity.

  • Low heat emission, highly recommended for indoor paddle courts due to their small size.

  • Compliance with the lighting regulations of the International Padel Federation.

  • Energy saving, our LED projectors save up to 65% of energy compared to traditional halide bulbs.


Racket Support.jpg
Shoes Support Wall.jpg
Hanger Support.jpg
Net Post.png
Green Trash Can.jpeg

We offer the possibility to personalize accessories for your shop or in the padel courts. Benches and trash cans are always a good accessory to include with the padel courts. Keep the same line of the structure with these solutions for your club and your shop. 


Padel Court Gallery

What Clients say about us

Excellent Service and Expertise

“Multisports International followed our project from the day zero until the open of the club. They didn't sell only padel courts but a good consulting service and we couldn't be happier with the level of service and expertise they provide.”

Georgi Filkov

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